Winter Skincare Survival Tips

Winter Skincare Survival Tips

By: Candace Grenier - Formulator & Founder: Pure Anada Cosmetics Comments: 0

It’s that time of year again here in Canada where “the air is hurting our face”.  So very cold!  Unfortunately, this can really do a number on our skin.  Today I’d like to give you some winter skincare survival tips, in an effort to help you keep your skin hydrated and healthy.   

I remember a time when I was walking in a mall when someone from a kiosk stopped me to test how dry my skin was. By putting a little gadget on my cheek and clicking it a few times, we discovered that my skin was supposedly "60% dry".  I proceeded to ask whether I was lacking oil...or water.  This question had her stumped and luckily I was able to sneak away before she could sell me her $100 cream.   Phew!   

You see, there’s a difference between lacking OIL or WATER when it comes to your skin.    

We all produce different levels of sebum or oils on our skin.  If your body doesn’t produce enough oil on its own, then you are lacking MOISTURE (oil). This often feels like your skin is being pulled tight.  People lacking moisture often have quite sensitive skin. If this is you, you'll identify with the relief after applying your daily moisturizer.  That's me!    

When it comes to HYDRATION, anyone can lack water- even people with oily skin!  Dehydrated skin often manifests itself as flaky skin and, as I previously stated, this can happen to all skin types. You might be someone who has oily skin but still has flakes by the sides of your mouth or between your eyes.  This is dehydration.  Drinking water is one way to hydrate your skin cells, however, it is also important to hydrate them externally (more on that further along).  

The most important advice I can give is to start with an evening skincare ritual.  Did you know that you can lose up to 1.5 to 2 pounds of water overnight?  That’s why, if you weigh yourself (which I don't personally do), you will be the lightest in the morning.   

This is why it is SO very important to lock moisture & hydration into your skin overnight.  Here’s a routine I recommend.    

Evening Winter Skincare Routine   

1) CLEANSE- Gently remove makeup using any one of our cleansers, which are all pH balanced and gentle on skin.  If you wish for a bit of extra exfoliation you could use our Exfoliating Cleanser which has spherical shaped jojoba beads for mechanical exfoliation (to remove flaky skin). Additionally, it has fruit enzymes that help to soften skin cells – which is called enzymatic exfoliation.  Because of these little beads, be careful to avoid the eye area with this product.  

2) HYDRATE (add water)- This is where you want to infuse your cells with WATER or HYDRATION. You can do this with one of our facial mists (excluding Purify Treatment Toner).  They include an amazing ingredient called Hyaluronic Acid.  Hyaluronic Acid has the ability to hold 500-1000 times its weight in water!  This helps to plump your skin with hydration – which is just what we need.    

In addition to a facial mist, in order to really pack a hydration punch, I recommend the Smooth Priming Serum.  Smooth is concentrated with two molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid. The smaller molecule to penetrate deep into your skin cells, and the larger to smooth the surface.  All you need to do is apply a few drops to your cheeks and massage into your skin until completely absorbed.    

3) MOISTURIZE (add oil)- This is the step where you want to give your skin a boost of OIL or MOISTURE.  If your body produces oils naturally, even in winter time, then you are welcome to skip this step.  We suggest our Repair Luxury Treatment  - Neroli & Rose which is a luxurious oil skincare treatment that does wonders for dry skin. Apply a couple drops to your face, one on each cheek, and massage into your skin.     

4) SKIN CREAM- Applying your favourite Pure Anada Skin Cream is the last step that helps to pull all this nourishment into the deep layers of your skin.  Choices I would recommend for wintertime are Revive Moisturizing Serum with Coenzyme Q10 and Hyaluronic Acid or Hydrating Cream – Berry & Bouquet.      

Note: February 2021 - Take advantage of our  Gift with Purchase! With a $75 or more purchase, you can receive a free limited edition, Advanced Antioxidant Face Cream that is extremely nourishing for winter months (applicable in-store AND online). 

When you do this evening skincare routine in dry seasons, I promise you will wake up with the smoothest, healthiest skin possible!  You will have locked in all the moisture and protected your skin from losing hydration while you sleep.    

Morning Winter Skincare Routine 

1) CLEANSE (or not!)- When you wake up in the morning – I'm going to advise you to do something you might not expect. I suggest NOT washing your face! This is because your skin will have built up a beautiful pH balanced layer overnight called the acid mantel. If you have a little bit of oil – just rub it into your skin. It was made by YOUR body, bio-identical and custom produced, just for you! Essentially, it's your perfect moisturizer - who knew right?  With that being said, if your body produces extreme excess oil overnight, I recommend taking one of our gentle cleansers and doing a light cleanse. You could also use a facial mist. Simply spray it all over your face and wipe off any excess with a cotton pad.    

2) HYDRATE (add water)- Then you can repeat the step of HYDRATION – spritz your skin with a facial mist OR if you will be applying foundation, I suggest using the Smooth Priming Serum. Apply a couple drops to your face and massage it into your skin until fully absorbed.   

3) MOISTURIZE (add oil)- If you are not wearing foundation and your skin doesn't produce a lot of oil on its own, feel free to repeat this step in the morning by applying a drop or two of Repair Luxury Treatment.  However, too much oil under makeup can cause it to slide around and pool in creases. In this case, it is best to save this step exclusively for your evening skincare routine.   

4) SKIN CREAM- Last but not least, apply a beautiful face cream that absorbs easily. Our Hydrating Cream –with Berry & Bouquet is the perfect choice for daytime, especially if you wear foundation, and a wintertime favourite!

Give your skin a drink!  

Throughout the day – give your skin a little “drink” with our facial mists! We even have travel size options to throw in your purse or have on your desk at work. A little spritz on your face halfway through the day helps to hydrate your skin just when you need it. It helps to relieve dry or dehydrated skin by softening and plumping skin cells. You can even apply it on top of foundation; it won't disrupt your makeup. 



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