Mineral Foundation - How to Apply

Mineral Foundation - How to Apply

By: Kristen von Riesen - Pure Anada Makeup Artist Comments: 0


Kristen von Riesen - Pure Anada Makeup Artist


To date, our loose mineral foundation is the most popular type of foundation we offer. Why mineral foundation? It is so silky smooth, actually soothes irritated skin, offers great full coverage while being lightweight, and suits all skin types.

Different brands offer different types of loose mineral foundation. Ours is full coverage and works on mature skin and young skin alike. Of course, this all depends on how one applies it!

First of all, let us go over some troubleshooting before jumping into foundation application. Many of these tips apply to all our types of foundation, but I will focus on how it applies to loose mineral foundation.

To begin, one must prep the skin properly. Foundation is all about what goes on underneath it! Make sure your skin is cleansed to start. Then you want to apply our Smooth Priming Serum, followed by an appropriate moisturizer (one that isn't too heavy/oily - save that for your nighttime routine) - let these absorb into the skin before applying foundation.

Second tip, use proper brushes/tools to apply your foundation! I do not recommend using your fingertips or a sponge to apply our loose mineral foundation. A brush is integral for perfecting foundation application. We have 2 great options for foundation brushes: our Flat Top Foundation Brush and our Blending Face Brush

Make sure your foundation is the correct shade! Often we need to use one shade during the summer months when our skin is darker, and a lighter shade in the winter. Wearing the wrong shade of foundation can make the foundation look too heavy/cakey, or give you that infamous foundation line along the jaw... yuck! 

LESS IS MORE! Our loose mineral foundation is so pigmented, it is easy to apply too much. Always start with less - less on your brush, less on your face - and build the coverage if needed. You will find that you probably need less product than you thought originally. Foundation looks so much more natural if the coverage is built on, rather than applied in one heavy layer.

So let us get into how to apply loose mineral foundation. And this time I have even included a quick video for you!


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